OBA - Historical Sketch


There were 4 eras in the history of the OBA when Church extension was very active and many new churches were added to the Association.

1 - 1835 - 1865 During this 30 years the following churches were welcomed into the Association: Papineauville (1835), St Andrews - Quebec (1837), Notfield (Indian Lands) (1839), Osgoode (1839), South Gower and Kemptville (1841), Osnabruck (1841), First, Ottawa (1857), Thurso (1857), Winchester (1859), Riceville (1862), Cote St. George - Quebec (1864), Roxborough (1865), and Ormond (1865).

2 - 1882 - 1922 During this 40 year period the following churches were formed and welcomed into the Association: First, Cornwall (1882), Vankleek Hill (1883), McPhail Memorial, Ottawa (1888), Maxville (1892), Fourth Avenue, Ottawa (1899), Highland Park (Bromley Road) Ottawa (1914), Otter Lake (1918), Eastview, Ottawa (1921),

3 - 1950 - 1960 During this decade the following 3 churches were established and received into the Association: Russell (1952), Bethany, Ottawa (1952), and Pleasant Park, Ottawa (1957).

4 - 1975 - 2000 During this last quarter of the 20th Century, the following churches were formed and received into the Association:

Kanata (1975), Bilberry Creek, Orleans (1985), Iglesia Bautista Emmanuel (Spanish) (1991), Eglise Evangelique (French) (1997), and Longfields (1998).

Other places where there may have been a Baptist Church but we do not yet have enough historical data: Embrun, Morrisburg, Metcalfe, Edwards, Leonard, and Spencerville

The Ottawa Baptist Association has had a wonderful and blessed history. There have been changes, additions, closures but the Association is alive and well. Thanks to all of you!!

The OBA celebrated its 175 Anniversary throughout 2010.  Rev. Neil Hunter presented the story of Rev. Daniel McPhail to a number of association churches. 

Rev. Daniel McPhail,

‘The Elijah of the Ottawa Valley’, was involved in starting 6 churches in the Ottawa Association. He personally started Notfield Baptist Church (Indian lands), Osgoode Baptist Church, Kemptville Baptist Church, South Gower Baptist Church, West Winchester Baptist Church, and Ormond Baptist Church. He was also instrumental in the eventual formation of 8 more churches. These were established in Kenmore, Edwards, Metcalfe, Leonard, Roxborough, Russell, Riceville and Morrisburg. He was a pastor for 31 years: 1 year in Notfield, 25 years in Osgoode and 5 years in First Baptist, Ottawa. He is the most formidable and recognized early pastor (19th century) in the Ottawa Valley. He was born in Glen Lyon, Perthshire, Scotland in 1810 and he died in 1875. He is buried in Beechwood Cemetery.