Baptist beginnings in Ontario started with the arrival of Baptists from the USA around the year 1800. They settled in the Niagara - Kingston - Belleville areas. A number of churches formed. They were organized into the Thurlow Baptist Association in 1802.     Other churches and associations formed in Ontario and Quebec following the War of 1812. By 1820 there were 20 congregations. These Baptist churches were very evangelistic and eager to plant new churches. During the second half of the 1800’s their growth was phenomenal. Census records show that between 1851 and 1891 Ontario’s population increased by 122%. The Baptist population increased by 249%. In Quebec the percentages were even greater: 67% and 364%. 

The Ottawa Baptist Association (OBA), formally organized in 1836, was composed of six Baptist churches of the Ottawa Valley: Breadalbane and Clarence in Ontario; Papineauville, Dalesville, St. Andrews and Montreal in Quebec.  In 1888 The Baptist Convention of Ontario and Quebec was formed, uniting many associations and mission boards.

The OBA is now incorporated and has received its charitable status.This means that we can now receive funds from our churches for mission efforts within the Ottawa Baptist Association in full compliance with New CRA rules and regulations.


BREADALBANE                                                 established  1816    

On August 2, 1816, the first Baptist Church in the Ottawa Valley was organized under the leadership of Scottish immigrants, Allan McDiarmid and Peter McDougall. Rev Bruce Mac Callum is the pastor.

OSGOODE BAPTIST                                         established 1837

Osgoode Baptist congregation was officially started in 1837.  In 1839, young Scottish missionary,                Rev Daniel McPhail began a 25-year ministry with Osgoode Baptist  and became well known throughout the Ottawa Valley.  Vernon United Church asked to join the Osgoode Baptist congregation in 1927 and they have worked alongside each other ever since.   

SOUTH GOWER                                                  established 1841    

CASTOR VALLEY                                                established 1874       

VANKLEEK HILL                                                established 1883 

  In September 1881, some members of Breadalbane Baptist decided to build a church in the village of VanKleek Hill. In 1883, the church was completed and officially organized.

MCPHAIL, Ottawa                                                 established  1888 

In 1887, Young Men's Mission Association of the First Church purchased land  and built a church on Bronson Ave to establish a new ministry. On July 18, 1888, a motion was made to establish McPhail Memorial Baptist Church.     Rev Wayne Sollows is the pastor. 

FOURTH AVENUE, Ottawa                               established  1899   

First Baptist and McPhail Memorial Baptist Churches determined to plant a new church in the “Glebe”.  The first service was held on August 21, 1898, under the leadership of Rev. George Richardson and received by the Recognition Council on April 20, 1899. Rev Clarke Dixon is the pastor.

OTTAWA , First                                                      established  1857  

On August 23, 1857, nine charter members formed the first Baptist church of Ottawa, now known as First Baptist Church, Ottawa.

BROMLEY ROAD, Ottawa                                 established 1914 as Highland Park

Rev Joyce Trask is the lead pastor. 

EASTVIEW, Vanier                                              established 1921 

The origins of the Eastview Baptist Church can be traced back to 1872, when the First Baptist Church of Ottawa established a mission and Sunday school in a small hamlet known as the “Quarries” . In 1921, the “Eastview Baptist Church” was formally organized with 44 charter members . Pastor Risan Santos is the pastor.

BETHANY, Ottawa                                               established 1952 

The congregation was founded in the City View area in 1952. The first chapel was built at 1374 Baseline Rd. In 1992, the congregation moved to its new location. Rev. Mary Ann Turcotte is the lead pastor.

PLEASANT PARK, Ottawa                                 established 1957

Resulting from a vision of the “Ottawa Baptist Extension Board, the first formal church service was held in Riverview Public School on Sunday November 3, 1957.

KANATA, Kanata                                                  established 1975 

Kanata Baptist Church (KBC) began in 1975 under church planter and pastor Rev George Cawfield. The congregation met in a local school during its early years until it erected the first church building in 1985. Pastor Jonathan Mills is their lead pastor.

BILBERRY CREEK, Orleans                              established  1984

The Ottawa Baptist Association initiated establishing a church in Orleans when it conducted its first service on  September 23, 1984, at Dunning Foubert School   In the spring of  1985, Rev Don Collar came to provide pastoral leadership.

LONGFIELDS, Ottawa                                            established 1998 

The Ottawa Baptist Association provided leadership in establishing a congregation in the Longfields Communty of Ottawa in the fall of 1998.  Rev Darren Milley provides pastoral leadership to the congregation.

EGLISE EVANGELIQUE, Orleans                        established  1997

In the spring of 1997, Eglise Evangelique Baptist Ottawa in  partnership Bilberry Creek Baptist established a ministry to the Francophone community of Orleans under the leadership of . Rev. George Wagner. Following Pastor Wagner's retirement in 2011, Pastor Josue Destin became their lead pastor. The church has dual affiliation with the French Union of Baptist Churches and the Baptist Convention of Ontario and Quebec


MONTREAL, FIRST                                                est. 1831  moved to Quebec Assoc

CHATHAM-DALEVILLE                                        established 1826 

COTE ST. GEORGE                                               established ? moved to Que Association

The Quebec Assoc. Boundaries Committee, est. in 1963, proposed that churches located in Quebec that were members of the Ottawa Association be added to the membership of the Eastern Association. The churches included  Brownsburg, West Chatham Field, Thurso and Avoca Rivington.


CLARENCE, Clarence Creek                            established  1825– closed 2000 

THURSO                                                                 established 1857   closed  2001   

 PAPINEAUVILLE                                                 established 1835  closed ?     

ST ANDREWS                                                       established  1837  closed ?      

NOTFIELD (Indian Lands)                                  established   1839 closed ?

OSNABRUCK                                                         established  1841 closed 2007   

EMMANUEL—NEWINGTON                               established? merged with Osnabruck 

KEMPTVILLE                                                          established 1841   closed  

RICEVILLE                                                              established 1862   closed ?




PLAISANCE (North Nation Mills)??



CALVARY BAPTIST, Ottawa                                1915 

In 1907 the Ottawa Baptist Churches Board was formed to co-ordinate all local mission work of the existing Baptist churches in Ottawa. Early in 1908 they purchased a lot on the corner of Main and Evelyn Streets for the Ottawa East Baptist Mission. In 1911 Rev. A.N. Frith became the first regular mission pastor serving both the Ottawa East Baptist Mission and another one in Eastview.  East Baptist Mission later became Calvary Baptist Church.


PARKDALE BAPTIST, Ottawa                            1916

In 1917, Hintonburg Baptist Mission met on the north side of Wellington Street, opposite Grace Hospital.. Captain W.L. McKay was the pastor and was sponsored by the Ottawa Baptist Mission Board of the Baptist Convention of Ontario and Quebec.  In 1918,Hintonburg Baptist Mission moved to a new location between Parkdale and Hamilton. After being organized as a Baptist church, the Mission bought property at Parkdale and Tyndall. Rev. A.G. Gordon from Montreal was called as the first pastor. It was at this time that the name was changed to Parkdale Baptist Church.


CORNWALL, First                                               established 1882

Baptist ministry in the Cornwall area dates back to the 1840s; with our church being formally established in 1882. Joined the Fellowship in 2018.